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What seems to be the problem?

•Refrigerator makes noise
•Refrigerator isn't cold
•Refrigerator leaks
•Refrigerator freezes
•Icemaker doesn't work
•Water won't dispense

•Stove elements don't work
•Oven temperature is off
•Oven doesn't work
•Range doesn't work
•Gas range isn't igniting

Washer and Dryer...
•Washing machine leaks
•Washing machine won’t work
•Noisy washing machine
•Noisy dryer
•Burning smell in dryer
•Dryer won’t cycle

•Freezer won’t freeze
•Freezer ices up

•Leaky dishwasher
•Noisy dishwasher
•Dishwasher won’t cycle

•Microwave makes unusual sounds
•Microwave not heating food properly
•Microwave turntable not turning
•Microwave light is blown

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Licenses / Credentials:
• Licensed, Insured, Bonded

Basic Services Offered:

• Genuine Factory Parts
• Factory Trained Technicians
• Professional Appliance Installations
• Professional Dryer Vent Installations

We Specialize In:

  • Install, Repair & Service Refrigerators
  • Install, Repair & Service Freezers, Ice Makers
  • Install, Repair & Service Washers & Dryers, Dryer Vent Installations
  • Install, Repair & Service Ranges, Microwaves
  • & Ovens (Single & Double)
  • Install, Repair & Service Dishwashers, Garbage Disposals & Trash Compactors

Falls Church Appliance Repair Service: Keeping Your Home Running Smoothly

Large household appliances have become an essential part of modern living, and so has the need for a professional Falls Church Appliance Repair Service. Finding a home that doesn't have a refrigerator is nearly impossible; homes without small appliances are rare, and only small apartments tend to be missing a washer and dryer set. The fact that these appliances are so popular, a Falls Church Appliance Repair Service offers assistance with refrigerator repair, small appliance repair, washer repair and dryer repair.

Can you imagine how your life would change if suddenly your refrigerator stopped working? What if your washing machine flooded, or your small appliance began to give off sparks? Luckily, your Falls Church Appliance Repair Service has extensive experience in the fields of refrigerator, washer/dryer, and small appliance repair. One of the trained professionals from a Falls Church Appliance Repair Service can be en route to your home just minutes after you call. They know an emergency refrigerator repair can't be put off until tomorrow, so they're available to you twenty-four hours a day.

Most household appliances experience some kind of malfunction or interruption of service at some point in their life time. Sometimes these are minor problems, such as a blown light bulb that can easily be fixed by the homeowner. Sometimes they're signs of an underlying problem that will eventually cause your appliance to stop working. A Falls Church Appliance Repair Service can inspect your appliances and give you an idea of their condition and, possibly, their remaining lifespan. This can be useful to you in deciding whether to buy a replacement or have the current one repaired. If you decide you'd like to buy new, the experts at a Falls Church Appliance Repair Service can recommend the best appliances for your home, as well!

While there are those appliance malfunctions which you can easily handle, it's good to know when it’s time to call a Falls Church Appliance Repair Service. Here's a quick guide to some of the most common problems with washing machines, driers, small appliances, and refrigerators. These should help you tell when you need small appliance, refrigerator, or washer repair.

Common Washer Problems Your Falls Church Appliance Repair Service Can Solve

Washing machines are usually sturdy, with a lifespan limited only by mechanical failure or bacterial growth. Your Falls Church Appliance Repair Service is well aware of the fact that washers can do a lot of damage when they're in need of repair. Flooded basements, soaked hallways, and ruined laundry rooms could be the result of a washer with serious problems. The Falls Church Appliance Repair Service professionals are trained and skilled in washer repair, and will ensure that your home laundry system continues to function soundly.

Washing machines are common; just about everyone knows how they work. You drop the dirty clothes into the basin, shut the lid, and turn it on - it's that simple. However, beneath that simplicity is a complicated network of switches, belts, and timers, each one of which is critical to the continued functionality of your washer. The professionals at your Falls Church Appliance Repair Service know all about washing machines, and can pinpoint the problems in models dating back to the beginning of electricity-assisted clothes washing.

Like any other mechanical object, older washers tend to have more problems than new ones. Years of wear and tear take their toll on the motor, agitator, and timers of these complicated machines. You may need to answer some questions from the Falls Church Appliance Repair Service experts about the problems you are facing and the washer's past malfunctions. Timer failure can lead to a washer that won't fill, rinse, or may not work at all. A washer may be rendered useless because of malfunctioning or burned-out switches However, when it comes to washer repair, these issues are fairly small, and can be easily dealt with by a qualified Falls Church Appliance Repair Service.

Likewise, a malfunctioning dryer can exhibit strange symptoms with a simplistic cure. The Falls Church Appliance Repair Service technician always starts with the simplest solution, whether that's replacing a blown light bulb inside the dryer drum or referring you to an electrician if the problem lies in the power supply to the dryer Dryer repair tends to be a bit more complex than washer repair, but they bear many of the same features; washers are geared to handle a great deal of water, while dryers are built to handle high heat. The number one complaint that the Falls Church Appliance Repair Service hears about dryers is a lack of heat, or dryers taking a long time to dry loads of laundry. While this is the most common problem with dryers, it's also very simple and fairly cheap to fix, having only a small handful of causes. Dryer repair is probably much easier than you thought it could be.

Falls Church Appliance Repair Service: Moving into Your Kitchen

Your refrigerator is a very complicated machine. With numerous compartments and at least two purposes (to freeze and preserve food), the refrigerator must be a high-performance machine. Because most homes use the fridge to store the majority of their food, a refrigerator breakdown is a certain cause for alarm. The Falls Church Appliance Repair Service is well-versed in the art of refrigerator repair, making them the most knowledgeable and reliable source for assistance and guidance.

However, like other household appliances, what appears to be a big problem to you may be a simple fix for a skilled Falls Church Appliance Repair Service expert. For instance, you may think you have a broken freezer, but it may just be a regular problem resulting from opening the door too often, or putting a lot of hot food inside the freezer at one time. The simple re-application of a door seal can cure the common problem of condensation sometimes seen around the outside of the door. The folks at your Falls Church Appliance Repair Service would be happy to have a look at your fridge, to help you keep it working at its best.

Finally, a Falls Church Appliance Repair Service also maintains and repairs small appliance ovens. While a fridge, washer, or dryer can develop problems or fail in several areas at a time, small appliances tend to experience either hints of problems or outright failure with very little middle ground. You may not realize, but a small appliance oven cooks food using a small amount of radiation - radiation which, if it were to get into the bloodstream of a small baby or a pet, could potentially make them ill. Let your Falls Church Appliance Repair Service provide you with the necessary small appliance repair to keep your little oven cooking without endangering anyone.

Whatever home appliances you may have, keep the number of an experienced Falls Church Appliance Repair Service close at hand.

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